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Abstract Plant:

Phone: 918-582-5777
Fax: 918-583-2449
Open Mon-Fri 8-4:30p
Closed Sat, Sun, and
Federal Holidays.

612 S. Denver Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74119

Escrow Closing Offices:

Phone: 918-250-9080
Fax: 918-252-5073
Open Mon-Fri 8:30-5p
Closed Sat, Sun, and
Federal Holidays.

Tulsa Address:
8023 E. 63rd Place,
Suite 101
Tulsa, OK 74133



We Want to Close for YOU!

Send us your next closing contract and let our team of closing specialists represent you. Our Residential Department is fully trained and committed to represent the realtors from the Listing Agreement to the Closing Table and thereafter.

No Surprises!

Many of the so-called “unavoidable circumstances” of an embarrassing surprise at the closing table are in fact, avoidable. These surprises can lead to delays, postponement, or cancellation of the transaction. Information that is critical to you, your client, and the lender must be communicated effectively and professionally in order to avoid surprises. Our closers specialize in seeing each closing from your point of view and commit themselves to making your role in the transaction easy and worry free.

We Do it RIGHT!

Our commitment to you is unequalled service and communication. From the moment a new file is set up to the handshakes at the end of closing, Tulsa Abstract & Title is dedicated to doing it right. Expect the best, we’ll provide it.

Our services to you and your client consist of but are not limited to:

1. An introductory letter informing you, your buyer/seller, and the lender of the closing team assigned to the file, with Tulsa Abstract’s telephone numbers and fax numbers for easy reference;

2. Timely updates as the abstract is updated with expected dates of the completed title commitment;

3. Immediate communication if the title commitment shows unusual requirements that must be fulfilled to issue clear title;

4. A fax of the title commitment and survey when complete;

5. Communication with your buyer to insure that homeowner’s insurance is purchased with correct coverage and deducible amounts;

6. A phone call to let you know when there is full loan approval;

7. Ongoing calls to coordinate the time and location of the closing;

8. Contact the buyer informing them of the amount of funds necessary to close and wiring instructions to Tulsa Abstract & Title's Escrow account.


Tulsa Abstract & Title welcomes the opportunity to work with the Board of Realtors in leading or participating in continuing education seminars. Our experienced Closing/Abstracting/Legal personnel also prepare 30-minute seminars for weekly realtor sales meetings. We are available to discuss and prepared to answer questions ranging from new government regulations, abstracting, title requirements, to the functions and responsibilities of a title company.

Tulsa Abstract’s personal touch will make you and your clients pleased that they are being represented by the best in today’s Closing Industry. You and your client are our number one asset!


Two locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma to serve you!

We Do It Right!